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Ketubah Prints

High-quality lithographic prints from Robert Saslow Design. Each of nine designs has a variety of texts that are available. Order directly from this site, either personalized or non-personalized.


BABY-CDEFG Baby-Naming Certificates

The perfect gift for the perfect baby, and an ideal way to commemorate a new chapter in a family’s history. Bring color and joy into baby’s nursery! NOTE: you will be taken to a sister website by clicking here.

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Presented along with the Shabbat blessings in an attractive padded folder.

original ketubahs

Original Ketubot

A select portfolio of custom handmade works of art, crafted in collaboration with the wedding couple.

original baby naming certificates

Original Baby-Naming Certificates

A select portfolio of original handmade baby-naming certificates.

Invitation and Announcement Design

Wedding and bar/bat mitzvah invitations, as well as baby announcements.

logos and graphic design

Logos and Graphic Design

Graphic and logo designs for a variety of clients, as well as drawings and calligraphic/lettering projects for personal pleasure!