Ketubah Print: TOSCANA

Toscana ketubah

Toscana ketubah, © 1998 Robert Saslow Design

The Great Synagogue in Florence, Italy was built just eleven years after Italian Reunification, when Jews were no longer required to live in ghettos. It was built in Via Farini, which, at the time was at the edge of a rapidly developing city. The architects, chosen through a competition, were Treves, Falcini, and Micheli. Completed in 1882 after eight years of construction, it was inspired by the Byzantine church, Hagia Sofia, in Istanbul (Constantinople), yet also shows Moorish and Art Nouveau influences both in the interior and exterior design.

The upper portion of this ketubah is based on the exterior of the synagogue, with its beautifully carved stone façade, octagonal turrets, and copper dome. The lower portion of the ketubah is based on a design motif found above the synagogue’s aron kodesh (holy ark). The color scheme is true to the original. The landscape at the top of the ketubah shows two Italian cypress trees, growing together on the soft, rolling hills so typical to the Tuscan countryside.

$240.00 Ketubah with hand-lettered personalization
$180.00 Ketubah artwork only (no personalization)

Available in the following texts:
• Aramaic only • Aramaic with English • Conservative with English • Egalitarian • Blank (for custom texts).
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